At the beginning of the year, I made the right decision for me by choosing ‘’Materials Innovation as my Unit 5 Expanded Practice. Before making this decision, I read the description that was given to us, which I understood and I found really interesting. I was excited because I always wanted to know more about materials. Where are they coming from and the process of their creation? I think is it important as an Interior Designer to understand the function and the purpose of a certain material, the sustainability of it. As a student studying Art I have always been interested in different areas of art and I really liked the fact that our teacher is not in the field of Interior Design but she is familiar with Fashion. This could only be useful to us. We learned some information different to Interior Design. It is good to have a contact with people from different art fields because this only could help you to gather more knowledge.

We started this Unit by exploring different materials and examine technical processes used to create bespoke and mass produces products. The first lecture was about ‘’Raw Materials’’, a variety of textiles and where are they coming from. Honestly, I did know the definition of ‘’Raw Materials’’ and I could not figure out exactly what these materials were, but with the progress of the slides and the information that was given to us, including great examples, I was more aware of what these materials were. Personally, I enjoyed it because it was something new for me, it was additional information that could be useful for my own practice but then I asked myself how textile could be so useful for my practice. Why textile, why not other materials, like; metal, concrete etc.? Then we continued studying about varied materials, we have looked at design projects and analyzing them.

I could say that I enjoyed every lecture and every topic but one of my favourite lectures was about sustainability. As designers, especially in the Interior and Spatial Design field, is really important to understand what sustainability means. From the given to us information, I have learned that sustainable design could not only be good for people because a certain building will beautify the streets of a city for many years and there will not be any need for frequent renovations, which is also good from a financial point of view. However, I personally look differently to sustainable design, and I learned that design can be in favour of people in need. It can simply save lives. To support my point of view, the image below shows a project, which I wrote about in my previous blogs, of a company called RE-MATERIALS. It is a company that creates a unique modular roofing system. They have invented a solution for the residents of India. They have improved homes or even created new ones for people in need.

RE-MATERIALS / Project in India

As a conclusion, I want to mention that I also enjoy all of the workshops. It challenges you mentally. Also, the teamwork is always useful for designers, because working in groups we exchange, skills, information, ideas that can be of benefit to each one of us.

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