Does the time of our planet expire?

How do you think the following sentence should continue?

In the near future the conditions of the earth …

(a) will improve.

(b) will remain the same.

(c) will get worse.

Nature attacked humanity with all sorts of upheavals: devastating earthquakes and floods, destructive hurricanes and fires, erupting volcanoes, frosts, hot waves and drought. Based on information from CNN website:

 ‘’At least 452 people were killed and thousands injured after a powerful earthquake struck near the border of Iran and Iraq.’’ 

People in the world suffer for the loss of someone close to them or the loss of their home. After such a strong and dangerous earthquake many people no longer have a roof over their heads. How we the designers could solve this problem? Do you think that an earthquake-proof house could exist?

It is really hard in terms of thinking of creating a new building material that could be earthquake resistant. The buildings are usually constructed by using: concrete and bricks, which are heavy and strong materials. Even using these materials, the earthquakes still destroy them. Thinking on the opposite side, by using lighter materials, it will be even easier to be destroyed by an earthquake.

While I was thinking about inventing a design solution against earthquakes I made a quick cardboard 3D model. By starting to think out of the box, I placed the model on my table and I started shaking the table. Guess what… the small model was destroyed. I did not give up. I questioned myself ‘’ What if… this is a real building, how can we keep it safe from earthquakes? ‘’ What if we surround the building with a really strong material? By asking one of my dad’s friends, who is the construction field, I learned that buildings are primarily designed to support a vertical load in order to maintain the walls and the roof.  Then I started thinking what if the walls, the roof and even the floor are tied together? What would happen? Is it going to be a safer version of a building?

After experimenting for few hours with the same small 3D model, I end up with a design solution. My imaginative scenario would be related to the protection of people’s houses. The houses would be constructed of a lighter material, such as wood and to secure the wooden structure, it will be all surrounded by metal. The idea is like the wooden house to be stuck in a metal box. This would prevent an earthquake to destroy it. (Please see the image below).



Year published: 2017
Page Title: Powerful Iran-Iraq earthquake is deadliest of 2017
Website name: CNN
URL: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/12/middleeast/iraq-earthquake/index.html 
Access date: 03 Jan 2018


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