The lecture was about sustainable design / future design scenarios. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this particular lecture but by checking the presentation and gathering opinions from my classmates, I think that the subject of this lecture was really interesting. I think it is interesting because it challenges you to think of creating something that does not exist yet, something that would be useful, and something that most importantly could change lives.

The presentation shows examples of climate changes and also of varied design project related to technology. Today people can hardly imagine their lives without the amazing technology and the wonderful devices. Computers, social networks, digital cameras, audio players, video chat – each of us uses these “fruits of scientific and technological progress”

As I like art, I also like tattoos. One of the examples in the presentation was about future tattoos. These are temporary tattoos that can remotely control device. When I researched this project on Internet I was impressed about the idea and the cheap material that has been used for the creation of these tattoos. When I read the title, I thought that it would be a complicated and expensive project, however, it is really simple, beautifully made and also cheap so they can be accessible to anyone. (Please see image (1) below)

(1) DuoSkin Temporary Tattoos

After researching the other examples of projects related to technologies, I started thinking: Is technology really important in our lives? Do we actually need it? How does it help us?

I can see that new technologies are coming at a fast pace because they are up to date and meet the needs of the people. They allow people not only to feel more comfortable working with them but also to be more flexible in the production, the realization of the production.

We are witnessing how much of the work that a person has to do today is made by computers and robots, and this also helps for faster production, which is a prerequisite for lighter competition in the world.

I personally think that we cannot imagine a world without having a phone in every household. So I think that it will come such a time that computer will not be a super luxury item at home, but a necessity for each of us.



Year published: 2016
Page Title: DuoSkin Temporary Tattoos Can Remotely Control Devices
Website name: Dezeen
Access date: 03 Jan 2018

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