RESEARCHING OFFLINE (personal research)

Another example of offline research that I have done is in Prague. I had the opportunity to visit Prague and its architectural landmarks that do not need presentation. Wonderful castles, churches, bridges, museums and libraries.

Among the many historic buildings in Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau stands out the silhouette of a modern building that remains the impression of a romantic dancing couple. It is no coincidence that the building is called a “dancing house”. (Please see image (1) below)

(1) The ”Dancing House” in Prague

The construction of the dancing building is a project by Croatian architect Vladimir Milunic and Canadian university lecturer Frank Gehry. The history of its construction dates back to 1945 when, at the end of the Second World War, the Americans bombed Prague and destroyed the historic building on the corner of the streets “Rasinovo nabrezi” and “Resslova”.

The ”Dancing House” in Prague

The “Dancing House” is made of glass, concrete and stainless steel and it has a rather unconventional style.
You know who Fred Auster and Ginger Rogers are, right? Even if you have not seen one of their emblematic films, you have at least heard of them – they are making a real revolution in the musical and dance comedy, and their names become synonymous with a dancing couple. The unique building, called the Dancing House, has and another unofficial name. The locals call it “Fred and Ginger”

‘’Dancing House’’ is one of the most famous buildings that was so hated by the people during its construction. I cannot think of any reason to hate this building. I just love it!  It looks impressively good. There is also a restaurant at the top of the building, called ‘’ la Perle de Prague’’, offering French cuisine and amazing view. ( Please see image (2) below) . The atmosphere, that the restaurant creates is just so relaxing. It just makes you want to stay all day and watching the view.

(2) Restaurant ‘’ la Perle de Prague’’


But does the building have a connection with sustainability?

My opinion is yes and no. The concrete and stainless steel materials seem to be really stable. However, the glass part, which covers the half of the building does not look as a connection to sustainability besides the glass has a really good strength.

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